Hints & Tips


Useful Guides and Information for your Move

  • Start planning your move early to avoid any last minute problems.
  • Decide exactly which items you require to be moved to your new property and sort through any surplus items.  Why pay to move something you don’t need.  Tenterden Removals support the Local Hospice and will deliver any of your unwanted items to them FREE of charge at your request.  Use this time to de-clutter and help a worthwhile Charity.
  • Think about which Fixtures and Fittings you are taking with you, and any appliances that will need disconnecting and reconnecting.
  • Make an appointment with our estimator and allow enough time to go through the details with him, pointing out all items to be moved and those that are not.  We would suggest that this will take at least half an hour.
  • Decide if you would like to use our Packing Service, or whether you will be packing everything yourselves.  If you choose to pack yourselves, remember to allocate plenty of time and space.  Feel free to discuss all packing options with our estimator.
  • Make sure that you mention any concerns that you may have regarding your move to the estimator, so that they may be dealt with early to ensure a smooth move.
  • Give your estimator details of your new property including the access for removals – size of the road/drive, parking arrangements, distance from the road, overhanging trees, narrow streets, low bridges etc. along with access times to both properties.  Our estimator will discuss this all with you.
  • Remember the doorways and room layouts will be different in your new home, will all of your furniture fit into the house?

Booking Your Move

  • Once you are ready to exchange contracts, you will need to set a completion date.  Remember to check with us that your proposed date is available before committing yourselves.  We will do our utmost to fit in with your plans, but we do have busy times normally at the end of the month and around Bank Holidays.  Don’t let this put you off these dates, just check with us our availability.
  • Once you have found out available dates with us for your move, submit these to your Solicitor.
  • We will hold a provisional booking with you where possible with acceptance of our cancellation waiver – non refundable.
  • When the date has been agreed with all parties, we can firmly book in your move subject to the return of our acceptance form.
  • Should you need to move out of your current address before buying your new home, we can arrange for the Storage of your possessions.

Main Services

  • When you have a confirmed moving date, make arrangements to have your gas, electric, and telephone etc. disconnected. Remember to take meter readings.
  • Contact other authorities responsible for water, sewerage etc.

Personal Checklist

  • You will need to contact various individuals and authorities with your moving details.  Here is a list to help :-
    • Banks – Credit Cards – Schools – Doctors – Dentist – Inland Revenue – Local Councils – Insurance Companies – Investment and Savings – Opticians – Pensions – DVLC Swansea – Post Office for mail redirection – TV Licence – TV Rental – Sky, Virgin – Club Subscriptions – Milkman – Library – Papers – Vet – Mobile Phone – Passport Office – Garage – Tradesmen – Window Cleaner – not forgetting FRIENDS and FAMILY.


  • As mentioned above, you will need to arrange for the disconnection and re-connection of appliances. We recommending disconnecting the day before you move.
  • We will assist where possible, but we cannot accept any responsibility for any problem that may occur.
  • Once disconnected, appliances should be fully drained where appropriate.
  • You should arrange for the removal of any electrical fittings as by law we are not qualified to do so.

Personal Items

  • Sort out any personal items not to be packed or moved such as keys, documents, money, handbags, passports and night away bags.  Put these items in a safe place and clearly mark them – “Do Not Move”
  • You may wish to leave spare keys, post, household manuals for your buyers, these will also need to be marked “Do Not Move”


  • Run down the stock of your freezer as much as possible.  Ideally, empty it completely and then defrost.

Carpets and Curtain’s

  • With prior agreement, we will take down curtains and lift carpets, but we will not refit them.

Self Assembly System Furniture

  • This furniture is not designed to be moved in assemble form.  Ask our estimator on advice as to whether it will need flat packing.
  • Most units are movable with care, but we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused if moved fully assembled, or against our advice.


  • Most drawers can be left full, but heavy or fragile items will need removing for packing.  Discuss this with our estimator.

Hanging Clothes

  • Clothing already on hangers do not need packing as we will provide Wardrobe Cartons for their transportation on the day.

Attics and Lofts

  • Unless they are fully boarded, with stair access and suitable lighting, we are not allowed to enter these areas due to Health and Safety regulations.
  • Please ensure the contents are sorted and placed in a suitable room.

Dangerous Articles

  • There are some articles that we are not permitted to carry such as cylinders, petrol or any other flammable liquid, corrosive substances, firearms or ammunition.
  • Please check your contents and remove any dangerous items.
  • Petrol/Fuel will need to be drained from mowers.

Parking and Access

  • If there are any parking restrictions at either property, you will need to arrange for exemptions or permits etc for the day/s of the move.
  • Notify neighbours to keep the parking area clear.
  • Obtain cones or markers from your local authority if necessary.

 Children and Pets

  • If possible, it is advisable to arrange for pets to be looked after whilst the removal takes place, as it can be stressful and dangerous for them during the move.
  • We encourage children to be present on the day of the move as this can be a big part of their lives.
  • We are not permitted to carry Passengers or Pets on our vehicles.

On the day of Your Move

Removal Team

  • The removal team will arrive at the agreed time and talk through the moving schedule with you.  Please point out any items not to be moved.  Mark any essential boxes such as bedding or any food and drink etc so that these can be unloaded first at your new property.
  • The removal team are very experienced in removals so be guided by their advice and they will work hard to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Personal Items

  • Make sure you keep all personal items with you, such as keys and documents etc.

Solicitors, Estate Agents and Keys

  • If you are completing on your moving day, you will need to keep in contact with your Solicitor and Estate Agent, who will advise you when the Financial transactions are complete and when the keys for your new home are available. It is advisable to keep checking with them as they do not always contact you immediately.
  • Make sure you give the correct contact details to your Agents, remember your ‘old’ house telephone number may be disconnected before you leave.
  • Late access to your new home because of obtaining a key late, is one of the biggest problems removers experience.  So we ask that every effort is made by yourselves to obtain the key as soon as possible.
  • Remember, it is possible that you may have to pay additional charges for any undue delays.


We hope these tips have been useful to you, please print or download the page for reference.